The “Grey Zone” – Activity 4

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ACTIVITY 4: Evaluator “Test your unconscious stereotypes”

Duration: 30 minutes

Tools for face to face/online activity: Post it/Papers – Paper with a dartboard drawn/Pens

Brief description of the activity:

In this exercise, the teacher/educator invites the students to do a questionnaire with the aim to investigate attitudes towards gender stereotypes.

Before this activity students are asked to download for free the App for mobile phone “Poll Everywhere”: is a simple web-based application that can be used in and outside the classroom to create multiple-choice or open-ended polls or in distance learning classrooms or fully online courses.

If the teacher/educator encounters difficulties about the downloading of the App can print the Questionnaire.

Once the students have completed the questionnaire (approx. 15 mins), the teacher/educator reviews the overall statistics displayed at the end of the test compiled.
The teacher/educator asks to share their results with the class and compare those results with the overall findings.