The ON-OFF Model

The model is build is 8 Workshops:

  1. Gender stereotypes and objectification of girl
  2. From gender stereotypes to cyber GBV and victim- blaming
  3. Respect and condemn
  4. Online gbv in its different forms and misuse of new technologies
  5. Online and offline relations
  6. The “Grey Zone”
  7. Good practices in communication
  8. It’s up to you

Each key Workshop is developed in 4 different areas of competence:

  1. READER phase

During the “Reader” phase, each topic is presented in a precise and detailed way, providing information and data that allow the young people to adequately understand the phenomenon.

  1. USER phase

In this second phase young people are called to live an experience on the theme through a game, a video, an activity that calls them directly into question.

  1. CRITIC phase

This is the phase in which young people compare their representations on the experience made and ask themselves about the probable differences and possible identifications.

  1. EVALUATOR phase

In this last phase young people are called to sum up, to evaluate what they have heard during the workshop and to hypothesize paths of personal change.