Good practices in communication – Activity 3

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ACTIVITY 3: Critic “Change your point of view”

Duration: 30 minutes

Tools for face to face activity: PC/projector/internet connection

Tools for online activity: PC/Internet connection

Brief description of the activity:

The aim is to make participants reflect about the fact that we are often so used to stereotypes that we don’t perceive them as such. Only when we find different and more equal ways to represent women and men and their relationship, we notice discrimination we didn’t realize before.

The teacher/educator will share two comparative photos and ask the participants to reflect:

What is showcased in the second picture?

How are the woman and man portrayed?

What are the ideas underlying the representation of the two genders in the first picture? And in the second one?

Do you now perceive any stereotype in one of picture? Did you feel the same when you saw the first picture for the first time?

If your perception has changed when you saw the second picture, what does it mean?