Buone pratiche in comunicazione - Attivita 1

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ATTIVITÁ 1: Fase Reader “Icone e stereotipi”

Durata: 30 minuti.

Strumenti per attività in presenza: Pc/proiettore/connessione Internet

Strumenti per attività online: Pc, connessione Internet

Sequenza dell’attività:

Lo scopo qui è comprendere quali sono le buone pratiche di comunicazione sui temi del progetto, partendo dal concetto di stereotipo.
The stereotype is a preconceived, recurrent and conventional idea, a rigid whole of beliefs transmitted socially within a culture of reference, on what are and must be behaviors, roles, occupations, traits, physical appearance of a person, in relation to his/her gender membership. Stereotypes risk to limit the opportunities of people concerning what their social and individual aspirations and opportunities are and can contribute to the creation of gender-based discrimination. For ex.: women doing housework and men watching sport on TV, women taking care of children and men going to work, etc.