Online GBV in its different forms and misuse of new technologies – Activity 3

Activity 1: Reader   Activity 2: User   Activity 3: Critic   Activity 4: Evaluator

ACTIVITY 3: Critic “It’s just a comment”

Duration: 30 minutes

Tools for face to face activity: Video projector/Laptops or mobile phones/Internet connection/Papers and pens

Tools for online activity: Video conferencing tool/A blank shared word or presentation document to share ideas directly upon it (could be google slides, a google doc, jamboard etc.)

Brief description of the activity:

Through the use of various tools and media the students will be encouraged to adequately respond to a variety of questions, such as:

  • Why do you think this post/ comment is a form of online violence?
  • What do you understand from this comment/ post?
  • Who is the target of this post/ comment?
  • Who do you think this post is harming? And why?
  • Do you believe the people who wrote those posts/ comments would have done the same in the offline world?