It’s up to you – Activity 3

Activity 1: Reader   Activity 2: User   Activity 3: Critic   Activity 4: Evaluator

ACTIVITY 3: User “Take Action”

Duration: 40  minutes

Tools for face to face activity: Markers/pencils/pens/Flipchart/PowerPoint Presentation

Tools for online activity: Online platform for online meeting/Good internet connection

Brief description of the activity:

Discuss with the group what are the positives and negatives aspects of the internet. You can point out them on the flipchart while discussing with the participants.

Examples: The Internet has some great positive effects. Some of these include:

Internet brings any kind of information for internet users, from local restaurants to international news.

The Internet provides some of the most effective means of communication among people, including online emailing and instant messaging.

Thanks to the internet, people can take action and avoid adverse circumstances. For instance, hurricane, storms and accidents can be tracked through the internet.

The internet has allowed the interchange of ideas and materials among scientists, university professors, and students, in addition to provide servers, resource centers and online tools for their research and scholar activities.