It’s up to you – Activity 2

Activity 1: Reader   Activity 2: User   Activity 3: Critic   Activity 4: Evaluator

ACTIVITY 2: User “Stand in my shoes”

Duration: 40 minutes

Tools for face to face activity: Different objects/PC and projector/Internet connection

Tools for online activity: Paper/Pens/pencils for each participant/PC/Good internet connection

Brief description of the activity:

The learning objectives of this activity are to understand the importance of consent and of the responsible use of social media and the internet space. The unrestricted and not supervised use of social media and of sharing of information/pictures/videos with non-trusted people or unknown people may generate a process that becomes impossible to stop, in which someone share or post something about you that misleads the audience and creates a different, not wanted or not true image of you without your consent. That can also happen for revenge, in case of a fight or an argument.