Good practices in communication – Activity 4

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ACTIVITY 4: Evaluator “#LikeAGirl”

Duration: 30 minutes

Tools for face to face activity: PC/projector/Internet connection

Tools for online activity: PC/Internet connection

Brief description of the activity:

The teacher/educator asks participants to “run like a girl”, “fight like a girl”, “throw like a girl”. Then, she/he shows a video that won the Facebook Studio Awards that recognize the best creative work on Facebook. It is the communication campaigned “#LikeAGirl”. The video is realized by Leo Burnett agency for Always, a brand for feminine hygiene products.
The video shows young people, including young girls, who are asked to “run like a girl”, “fight like a girl”, “throw like a girl”. And they do it in a clumsy and awkward way.Also younger girls are asked to do the same and when they do it, they are more natural.
The idea of Lauren Greenfield, the documentary filmmaker who developed the idea, was to demonstrate that during puberty girls tend to loose confidence. Years of exposure to direct and indirect communication based on gender stereotypes affect their perception of what “like a girl” means.
We are in fact invaded by messages spreading gender differences, as for examples that leadership, power and strength are for men, not for women. These stereotypes inevitably crystallize into girls’ self- perceptions and affect their behaviors.

Video Link:

At the end of the video, the teacher/educator encourages a debate.