From Gender Stereotypes to Cyber GBV and Victim – Blaming – Activity 4

Activity 1: Reader   Activity 2: User   Activity 3: Critic   Activity 4: Evaluator

ACTIVITY 4: Evaluator “Did you understand well?”

Duration:  45 minutes

Tools for face to face activity: Sheets of paper/Pens

Tools for online activity: PC/laptop/Online connection

Brief description of the activity:

The teacher/educator delivers tickets, prepared previously, on which there will be written ambiguous phrases and situations of discrimination and / or gender violence, in particular related to the online world.

Participants will be divided in pairs and in front of the others they will have to do and say what is written on the ticket, the rest of the class will have to say if there is discrimination and / or gender-based violence.

This game could raise doubts but above all it should bring out a new awareness.