From Gender Stereotypes to Cyber GBV and Victim – Blaming – Activity 3

Activity 1: Reader   Activity 2: User   Activity 3: Critic   Activity 4: Evaluator

ACTIVITY 3: Critic “But it’s also her fault if she…”

Duration:  45 minutes

Tools for face to face activity: Sheets of paper/Pens/Markers/Pensils

Tools for online activity: PC/Internet connection/Video-conference platform

Brief description of the activity:

The teacher/educator divides the participants into two groups, the classroom will be transformed into a court, one group will be the prosecution and the other the defence. To each group the teacher/educator reads (and also delivers on paper) a specific case.

The teacher/educator interrupts the story and asks the participants to write, even as a list, all the reasons why Jennifer is right (defence) and all the mistakes that Jennifer made (accusation) giving 15/20 minutes of maximum time at the end of which each group, starting from the accusation, will have to read aloud what they wrote and confront the other group.