From gender stereotypes to cyber GBV and victim- blaming

Activity 1: Reader    Activity 2: User   Activity 3: Critic   Activity 4: Evaluator



  • To learn the meaning of stereotypes, discrimination and gender-based violence.
  • To learn to recognize the gender-based discrimination and gender-based violence with particular reference to the web.
  • To experience simulated gender-based violence situations Awareness of oneself and one’s own thought with respect to the theme of gender.
  • To acquire strategies for the prevention of discrimination and gender-based violence online and find strategies for change and resolution of the problems that entail them.
  • To gain awareness of the responsibilities of the guilty and not of the victims in cases of discrimination and gender-based violence.


Our approach within this workshop is inspired by the techniques and methodology of the Theatre of the Oppressed where the staging becomes a tool for discussion and social reflection. Active reflections that aim to change the social scenario and produce a positive change in social actors: our young people. The power of education through theatrical language differs and is complementary to other teachings in that it puts the individual in a position to express himself with all of himself, giving voice and body to thoughts, emotions, feelings, to his own world of values and of being here and now. In a growth perspective, the aim of the theater is not the transmission of knowledge but the formation and global self-training of the subject in relation to others and the group of peers, under the careful direction of the teacher/educator.


Target: Young people from 12-17 years old.

Total length of the workshop: 3 hours

Reader phase: 45 min

User phase: 45 min

Critic phase: 45 min

Evaluator phase: 45 min

Tools for face to face option: Markers/Pencils/Pens/Papers/Cardboards/PC and projector/Internet connection.        

Tools for online option: PC/Good internet connection/Online platform for video calls in which we can moderate a discussion.